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We know there is a practical need for more people to be certified to perform below the line jobs. Additionally, there are barriers to entry into the television/movie industry for people who don’t “know somebody” in order to get hired. Too often the BIPOC community, veterans, or the unemployed have not been able to break into the business because they are not networked with people already in the industry. Getting hired by word of mouth needs to be a thing of the past.


Using a true, public/private partnership guided by a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we will develop a workforce training center to train people from all walks of life in a certification program to perform the below the line jobs. This workforce training center will be a working production studio built to also serve as a classroom.

In addition to building the workforce training center, the non-profit will also develop a curriculum to justify certification and will work aggressively to do job creation for the graduates/certificate holders.

We have contracted with a non-profit business development firm that has experience in grant writing and community/economic development to begin the initial stages of bringing this valuable project together.

Our immediate need is to develop the curriculum for the certification. And we need your help.


Would you be willing to take 15 minutes of your time to share your opinion about what the criteria should be for qualified professionals performing below the line jobs? By emailing us and letting us know you’re interested in participating, we will connect you with our development team who will set up a time convenient for your schedule to learn more of your ideas.

We need more qualified people in the industry and we need to break down barriers to entry. We hope we can count on you to take the first step.

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